pharmahuasca capsules

Pharmahuasca: How To Make Orally Active DMT

pharmahuasca capsules

DMT, often dubbed the “spirit molecule,” is notorious for otherworldly sessions when smoked or vaporized. It is usually short lived only lasting 10 minutes. However, there is an alternative that offers a prolonged journey into the DMT universe which is orally active DMT or Pharmahuasca.

Traditionally, orally active DMT takes the form of “Ayahuasca,” a powerful concoction born in the heart of Peru. This magical mixture results from boiling leaves of the Psychotria viridis shrub with the vine of Banisteriopsis caapi. Numerous retreats have sprouted around this brew which offer deep healing. However, these Peruvian retreats often carry a hefty price tag and those with financial constraints might find the Ayahuasca journey somewhat inaccessible. However, a just as, if not more, powerful alternative exists: Pharmahuasca.

Crafting Pharmahuasca involves the conversion of standard DMT freebase into DMT fumarate, which can then be combined with an MAOI or “Monoamine oxidase inhibitor”. The end product is Pharmahuasca. This is a step-by-step guide on safely converting DMT freebase into DMT fumarate and utilizing it to create your personal Pharmahuasca at home. DMT experiences, despite their deeply profound nature, often leave us longing for an extended duration, especially for those wanting to extract more wisdom.

Pharmahuasca gives this opportunity and turns a typical 10-minute DMT experience into 8 hours of magic. This allows us to enjoy and learn from this amazing molecule for an extended period of time so we can learn more and enrich our lives in ways we have forgotten about in our shorter trips.

This guide is built to help educate and simplify the process of making your own orally active DMT or “Pharmahuasca” at home. The use of Pharmahuasca carries all the therapeutic powers of Ayahuasca, sparing you the need to trek to the Amazon (despite the inherent allure).

With minimal tools and easily accessible ingredients, you’ll be able to complete this process no matter what experience you currently have. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

vine of cappi used for making Ayahuasca

What are the benefits of Pharmahuasca?

Orally active DMT offers several distinct benefits compared to the traditional method of smoking or vaporizing it. These benefits stem from the differences in onset, duration, intensity, and overall experience between the two routes of administration. Here are some key advantages to Pharmahuasca:

Extended Duration

One of the most significant benefits of Pharmahuasca is the extended duration of the experience. When ingested orally, DMT experiences can last significantly longer than the rapid and intense effects of smoking or vaporizing. This prolonged duration provides users with more time to explore and integrate the insights and revelations that may arise during the experience.

Gentler Onset

Smoking or vaporizing DMT often results in a rapid and intense onset, which can be overwhelming for some individuals. Orally ingested DMT tends to have a gentler and more gradual onset, allowing users to ease into the experience and potentially reduce the initial shock or disorientation that can occur with smoking.

Reduced Need for Smoking Equipment

Smoking or vaporizing DMT often requires specific equipment such as vaporizers or special dab rigs. Orally active DMT can be ingested in various forms, such as capsules or prepared blends, eliminating the need for specialized smoking apparatus.

Pharmahuasca is also very discreet and easy to conceal, making it a great option for consumption in places where a fancy dab rig or a vaporizer would attract attention.

Great for people sensitive to smoking

Another significant benefit and probably the most important is, that orally active DMT can be a more suitable option for individuals who are sensitive to smoking or have respiratory issues such as asthma. Smoking or vaporizing DMT involves inhaling hot vapors and potentially harsh smoke, which can be discomforting or even problematic for people with respiratory sensitivities.

People with asthma, in particular, may find orally active DMT to be a safer and more comfortable option, as it doesn’t involve inhaling any form of smoke or vapor. This can help reduce the risk of triggering asthma symptoms or exacerbating respiratory issues.

NOTE: It’s important to note that each individual’s response to DMT, regardless of administration method, is highly subjective and can vary based on factors such as dosage, set and setting, mindset, and personal sensitivity. While orally active DMT offers these potential benefits, it’s crucial to approach any DMT experience with respect, mindfulness, and careful consideration of individual preferences and goals.

Getting started

Before you can make your Pharmahuasca at home, you will need to make sure you have Some regular DMT freebase at home. DMT freebase is what you extract from mimosa hostilis root bark. If you don’t have any DMT freebase, check out my write-up called “ How To Extract DMT: A Simple Guide”. It will guide you through a step-by-step process of extracting your own DMT at home.

Another thing you will need is a form of monoamine oxidase inhibitor or “MAOI”. In your stomach is an enzyme called monoamine oxidase. These enzymes are responsible for breaking down certain neurotransmitters and other molecules in the body before they enter your bloodstream. This is why DMT freebase isn’t orally active. The enzymes break down DMT so rapidly that it doesn’t have time to enter your bloodstream.

However, nature made other plants that Inhibit this enzyme in your body for a short period of time which allows the DMT to enter your bloodstream making it orally active and last longer. Seems as if Mother Nature wants us to take our medicine.

If you don’t have an MAOI on hand, check out my write-up called “Syrian Rue Extraction: How To Make An MAOI At Home” which you can follow to make a simple MAOI at home using Syrian rue seeds. Another option is buying already extracted Syrian rue online. More information on this is in the “FAQ” section at the bottom.

With that being said here is a list of a few tools and ingredients you will need. Some if not all of these tools you may already have on hand from your DMT extractions.

Ingredients and supplies

  1. Safety gear (goggles, Nitrile gloves).
  2. One gram of DMT freebase (DMT extracted from mimosa root bark).
  3. Pure Acetone (No nail polish remover or acetone with color added).
  4. Fumaric acid (food grade).
  5. Magnetic stirrer (This is optional but highly recommended).
  6. Glass stirring rod (This is mandatory if not using a magnetic stirrer).
  7. Glass Beaker set (recommend using beakers 200ml plus in size).
  8. A Pyrex casserole dish (No lid is necessary)
  9. A scale that measures in milligrams or grams (either will work).
  10. Gel capsules 
  11. A capsule-making machine

How to make pharmahuasca (step by step)

1. Apply your safety gear

At any point during this process, you handle Acetone, always take a minute to apply your safety goggles and gloves. This step is a must!

2. Weigh out your dry ingredients

dmt and fumaric acid being weighed out

Using your scale weigh out 300mg (milligrams) of fumaric acid in a plastic cup and set it off to the side. If you’re using a gram scale it will weigh 0.3 grams. Next, weigh out 1 gram of DMT freebase in a separate cup and set it off to the side.

NOTE: Make sure that your DMT Freebase is in dried crystal form. Other forms of DMT like Changa or liquid DMT in carts will not work for this tek.

3. Measure out your Acetone

Using two glass beakers from your beaker set Measure out 50ml of Acetone in each beaker. Make sure your beakers are at least 200ml in size to allow for thorough mixing without spilling. Make sure you do this step in a well-ventilated area to avoid the build-up of fumes. Acetone is extremely flammable so make sure no open flame or ignition source is nearby.

4. Mix your DMT and Acetone

Set up your magnetic stirrer and place one of the 50ml beakers of Acetone on the stirrer at a low-medium speed. You want a nice gentle mix that isn’t splashing Acetone out of the beaker. Add in your 1 gram of DMT freebase and allow it to fully dissolve. You don’t want any solid chunks or particles remaining before moving to the next step. be sure to use DMT that you have fully cleaned.

5. Mix your Fumaric acid and Acetone

Once the DMT and Acetone are fully dissolved, remove them from the magnetic stirrer and place your second beaker containing 50ml of Acetone on the stirrer with a clean magnet. Again, set the magnetic stirrer to a low-medium speed to avoid splashing. Once at a gentle speed add the 300mg of fumaric acid to the Acetone and allow it to fully dissolve.

The fumaric acid will take longer to dissolve but just allow it to continue mixing on a low-medium speed until no solids remain. Once the fumaric acid is fully dissolved, the Acetone will turn into a white milky color.

6. Combining the solutions

Once the fumaric acid is fully dissolved, turn off your magnetic stirrer and allow the Acetone and fumaric acid solution to settle. After the solution has settled, grab your second beaker of Acetone and dissolved DMT and add it to your fumaric acid beaker.

Once you add the DMT solutions to the Fumaric acid solution, you will instantly see the DMT crystals start to precipitate out of the Acetone. The fumaric acid converts the DMT freebase into DMT fumarate which is the salt form of DMT.

DMT precipitating out of acetone mixture
DMT turning into
DMT fumarate when the fumaric acid solution is added.

7. Mix the solutions

After adding your DMT solutions to your Fumarate solution, turn your magnetic stirrer on low- to medium for 2 minutes to allow everything to mix thoroughly. You will notice the color of the Acetone has turned into the color of the DMT freebase you started with.

8. Evaporating the Acetone

Once you have blended and mixed the two solutions, you need to evaporate all of the Acetone. Place your DMT fumarate solution into a Pyrex casserole dish with a large surface area. This will help the Acetone to evaporate faster. If you do not have a casserole dish you can let it evaporate in the beaker however this will take longer. Be sure to allow the Acetone to naturally evaporate in a well-ventilated area.

9. Collecting your DMT fumarate

Once all of the Acetone is fully evaporated you will be left with pure DMT fumarate crystals in your dish that are ready to be collected. Using a razor blade, scrape up all the crystals that are stuck to your dish just like you would with a standard DMT extraction.

Important note: Once you have converted your DMT freebase into DMT fumarate you can no longer vaporize it. Do not try to smoke it because it will not work. Dmt fumarate is only orally active and safe for ingestion only! DMT fumarate is meant to extend the normal 10 – 15-minute DMT experience into a 6 to 8-hour experience.

The final color of your DMT fumarate.

The color of your DMT fumarate will vary in color according to the color of the DMT freebase you originally started with. If you had fluffy White DMT your fumarate will be light in color. If you’re starting DMT was more yellow, your fumarate would also be more yellow in color. This is why using pure Acetone with no added coloring is important because it will transfer over to your final product.

Dosing your Pharmahuasca

Dosing your Pharmahuasca is very simple. Weigh out 100mg (milligrams) of DMT fumarate and fill it in a capsule. Next, weigh out 200mg (milligrams) of your MAOI or “Syrian rue extract” and add it to a capsule. Typically to get the best effect, take your MAOI capsule 45 minutes before you ingest your DMT fumarate capsule then wait 30 to 60 minutes for the DMT onset.

If you don’t have an MAOI, once again I recommend checking out my write up called “Syrian Rue Extraction: How to Make an MAOI at Home”. It will give you all the tools and ingredients needed to create a pure MAOI at home. Once you have both ingredients, your Pharmahuasca is complete. Start with 100mg of DMT fumarate and 200mg of MAOI. If it’s not hitting you hard enough after 1 hour Take another 50mg (milligrams) of DMT fumarate.

MAOI safety information

Exploring Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) as a treatment option necessitates comprehensive research and guidance from a certified healthcare professional before usage. MAOIs, a powerful category of medications, are known to have potential complications when combined with specific foods, drinks, or other drugs.

The interplay between MAOIs and certain substances, due to their effect on neurotransmitters, can lead to unexpected and adverse consequences. Consequently, it’s quintessential to familiarize oneself with potential incompatibilities, side effects, and dietary limitations linked with MAOIs.

For your protection, always adhere to medical instructions, scrutinize medication labels meticulously, and never hesitate to consult a healthcare worker before administering an MAOI, especially if you’re uncertain about what to avoid.

If you’ve been prescribed a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), it’s crucial to ensure precautions are taken to prevent detrimental interactions. Here are some key directives:

Medications Considerations

Avoidance of other medications is advised, particularly certain antidepressants, weight-loss drugs, cold or allergy medication, and illicit substances. If you’re currently medicating and planning to introduce an MAOI, a consultation with your healthcare provider is essential.

Tyramine-Rich Foods

Tyramine-fortified foods may trigger a sudden spike in blood pressure when consumed with MAOIs. Food items to be wary of are aged cheeses, cured or processed meats, fermented foods, sauerkraut, soy products, and certain alcoholic drinks like beer and red wine. This is why when people drink standard Ayahuasca, the shamans usually place them on a special diet.

Beverage Consumption

It’s important to moderate the consumption of caffeine-rich drinks such as coffee or energy drinks to avoid adverse reactions to MAOIs. Give yourself a 48-hour cleansing period.


Alcohol consumption should be completely avoided while on MAOIs due to its potential to amplify sedative effects and negatively interact with the MAOI.

Over-The-Counter Medications

Exercise caution when using over-the-counter medications like decongestants or cough medicines. These might contain ingredients that can interact unfavorably with MAOIs. Always review product labels or seek advice from a healthcare professional.

FAQ section

Where can I buy premade MAOI powder?

If you don’t want to extract your own MAOI at home, I recommend checking out They have top-quality Syrian rue extract at a very affordable cost. They are one of my favorite vendors due to their outstanding customer service and the top-quality products they offer. Here is a link to the product you are looking for!

Can I cut the ingredients in half if I wish to make less?

Yes, you can absolutely scale the ingredients to the ratio of ingredients you have to extract.

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  1. How much DMT fumarate is yielded from 1 gram of DMT freebase? Is it a 1:1 conversion?
    Also, it seems like the link to the “capsule-making machine” no longer exists.

      1. Psychedelic chemist

        Wouldn’t dmt fumarate weigh over 60% more than dmt, considering the dmt is now bound to a fumarate ion that has a mass of 116 g/mole?

        1. It might weigh more physically but that doesn’t change the amount of DMT that is in the original conversion. If you start with a gram of DMT then you’re simply converting that to fumarate. We don’t dose in g/mole. We dose in milligrams.

      2. Hello, thanks again for your helpful effort. I just wanted to note my just-completed experience in converting the freebase to fumarate. I started with 1.5 grams of freebase. I scaled ingredients from your instructions (i.e. 450mg of fumaric acid). After completing the harvest, I was left with approx. 2g of dmt fumarate. Is this correct? It approximates to the starting freebase (1.5g) plus the amount of fumaric acid (450mg).

  2. Thank you for taking the time to create these writeups. I have been searching for a comprehensive Pharmahuasca guide like this for a while and can now start my Pharmahuasca journey confidently. Thanks again!

  3. Wonderful! I was just about to go about making a pharmahuasca guide based off your DMT extraction tek this evening, but now I don’t have to. Thank you, your guides are always high quality!

    1. I personally haven’t sent it to a lab for testing, but I have tried the MAOI from waking herbs, and comparing the two by effects I find they both are equally potent with no variants in effectiveness. If you take your time with the extraction, you will end with a very pure high-quality product that works great.

  4. Thanks for the website. Great articles.

    Question. I cannot get acetone shipped. Probably because it is flammable.
    But I found “100% Pure Acetone” at the beauty supply. The bottle ingredients say acetone and Denatonium Benzoate. This extra ingredient is commonly used in different house products to make the taste so bitter-salty that it is undrinkable. Safety trick. Is this ingredient okay for our little project here?

    1. Thanks for the kind words I hope they help you out and lead you to success! To answer your question, my concern is if it’s an additive to make the acetone undrinkable, that might carry over to your final product. I would suggest doing a test run of just the acetone. place a small amount in a dish and set it outside to evaporate. see if any residue remains or smells. if it leaves any residue or scent, I wouldn’t use it. Have you checked your local hardware store in the paint area? It’s typically used as a pint thinner and that is where you are likely to find it without additives.

  5. Thank you for sharing the harmala resource. Do you happen to know of any vendors that ship domestically from the US?

    1. Are you looking for the extract or just the syrian rue seeds to extract yourself? waking herbs is the only place I’ve bought the extract but once I started extracting the seeds myself I just get the seeds from they ship from and in the US but I personally don’t know of a site to get the extract here in the US. If you do find one please keep us posted cause id love to know myself. best wishes my friend i hope this helped.

  6. How much DMT should go into one of these capsules and how long does the trip length vary when you adjust the mg of DMT? This guide is excellent and I can’t wait to use it.

    1. So I will typically make them in 100mG capsules. I take my MAOI about 30minutes before ingesting my DMT capsule. Start with 100MG and after 1 to 2 hours if you want to take more you can. The trip is significantly longer then when you smoke it. About 6 to 8 hours. very fun! good luck and safe travels friend!

  7. Hi there, I love how easy to follow this guide seems! I do have a question, though: for someone who had bariatric sleeve surgery in 2017, would you adjust the times between taking the MOAI and DMT capsules? The surgery leaves the patient with a stomach that’s just a vertical tube, basically, no pouch part, and that changes the patient’s ability to digest. Like extended release medications can no longer be used, for instance, because things process/metabolize much faster.

    Thanks for such a great write-up!

    1. First off, I’m sorry for the late reply. Been busy lately and have been slacking on my responses. I hope your surgery went well and that you are feeling better. Honestly, I can’t answer your question. I don’t know enough about it to give you solid information. If I was guessing I would say not to take anything until you’re fully healed. I also recommend that you 100% ask your doctor. Not having a stomach is a huge variable that I haven’t experienced. I wish I had a better answer for you, my friend. Best wishes and please keep me up to date on this cause I’m curious to know.

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