DMT Vape Juice: An Easy Recipe To Hyperspace

DMT vape cart with battery on display.

DMT vape juice has recently gained popularity in the psychedelic community. Over the last year, more and more people have taken their precious DMT crystals and turned them into DMT vape juice. But why? More than likely it is due to the discreet convenience of having a very potent psychedelic compound at the push of a button that appears to be nothing more than a standard vape pen.

As most of us may know, DMT itself is a very potent psychedelic that when smoked causes very intense visuals and for lack of better words, Transports your soul and consciousness to another dimension filled with entities and alien structures. Or so it seems. There’s no dispute that DMT is one of the most powerful and spiritual psychedelics a human can experience.

Why make DMT vape juice?

There are many ways to smoke DMT but in reality, you’re not smoking the DMT. You’re vaporizing it with low heat due to its fragile state. DMT is a fragile crystal that will be damaged and lose its potency if exposed to open flames or extremely high heat. This is another reason why people are converting their DMT into vape juice.

With vaporizers like carts and mods, todays devices have temperature controls that allow you to control the level of heat being used to vaporize the crystals. This will ensure you’re not burning or damaging the DMT. Unlike traditional methods for Smoking DMT, Vape carts and mods use indirect heat sources to vaporize the contents loaded in them slowly.

In this guide, I will teach you step-by-step how to make a simple DMT vape juice that requires basic tools and ingredients. This recipe will make a very strong vape juice that’s perfect for filling your carts and mods at home and will give you the breakthrough experience you’re looking for.

Crafting your own flavor

There are many ways you can make DMT vape juice and so many recipes online. Each of them smokes and tastes differently and the recipes are open to experiment with. Different ratios of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (vegetable Glycerin) can be mixed for different consistencies. Essential oils can be added for flavor to enhance your experience and fulfill your unique taste buds.

This recipe, although simple, will give you the breakthrough experience you’re looking for, all while keeping it discreet and compact. Though it’s not the only recipe, It will lay the foundation for all your vape juice experiments in the future while you search for your unique flavor and style. Before we dive into this Tek, let’s go over some of the pros and cons of turning your DMT crystals into vape juice.

Pros and cons of DMT vape juice

Like anything in life, There are pros and cons to turning your DMT crystals into vape juice. Looking at the pros and cons can give you some perspective and help you decide if DMT vape juice will be your preferred choice as opposed to the other smoking methods available.

DMT vape juice in a beaker

Pros of DMT vape Juice

1. Discrete and portable

DMT vape pens are very discrete because they look like nothing more than standard nicotine vape pens. They are also very portable and compact which means you can have a DMT experience just about anywhere you desire.

2. Easy to operate

If you have any experience with DMT you know that it can be very disorienting and often forget you even have a body during the trip. With a vape cart or mod, You only need to press a button and inhale. Which is a lot easier than trying to operate a lighter and handle hot glass.

3. Temperature control and smoother hits

As mentioned above, DMT is a fragile crystal that will be damaged with excessive heat. A vape or mod allows you to adjust the temperature and get consistent smoke without the worry of damaging and wasting your DMT. This low heat and temperature control makes the DMT smooth and easy on the throat and lungs.

Cons of DMT vape juice

1. Difficulty dosing

Knowing how many milligrams of DMT you’re smoking is hard to determine when it’s in juice form. Though you made your cart with a certain amount of DMT, that doesn’t mean that’s how much you’re consuming to induce a trip. You can only measure how many puffs you take but how much DMT was in those puffs can only be guessed.

2. DMT recrystallizing in the cart

Depending on how you store your cart or mod, sometimes the DMT can recrystallize in the juice making it impossible to hit. There are methods to re-dissolve the DMT back into your juice, sometimes it won’t fully dissolve and it will be DMT that is wasted.

3. Cart and mod leaks

Depending on the type of cart or mod you have, sometimes they can leak. This happens when the cart or mod is left in a hot environment, causing the juice to expand and leak out of the coil and battery connection post.

Tools and ingredients needed to make

Now that we have gone over some of the pros and cons of turning your DMT crystals into vape juice, let’s go over the tools and ingredients you will need to follow along. You probably have a lot of the tools you need already from your DMT extraction. Not all the tools listed are 100% mandatory but these are what I prefer to use to make the job clean and easy.

Tools needed for DMT vape juice

  1. Glass beakers (A shot glass will work, but recommend the beakers)
  2. A magnetic stirrer or a glass stirring rod but a magnetic stirrer works best
  3. A 1ml glass syringe for filling your cart or mod tank
  4. A 1ml cart or mod device of your choice
  5. A Pyrex glass bowl or plastic bowl for use as a hot water bath
  6. A scale to weigh your DMT
  7. An electric kettle for instant hot water (you can boil water in a pot if you dont have a kettle) 

Ingredients needed for DMT vape juice

  1. 1 gram of DMT that has been cleaned using a water wash.
  2. 1ml of Propylene Glycol

This recipe will make enough juice to fill two, 1ml carts. You can store the remainder of your juice in your glass syringe for a refill in the future. If you don’t want to make extra juice and only want to make enough for 1 cart, you will use 500mg of DMT and 0.5 ml of propylene glycol. Now that we covered everything you need to follow along, let’s make some DMT vape juice.

Making the DMT vape juice

DMT vape juice in a beaker

1. Prepare hot water

Using your electric kettle bring some water to a boil. During the entire process, you want the water bath to be hot. This will help dissolve the DMT and prevent it from recrystallizing while you make your juice. If you don’t have a kettle you can boil some water on the stove in a pot. However, I strongly recommend the kettle because it will give you hot water on demand, and as the water in your bath cools off you can instantly add fresh hot water.

2. Set up a hot water bath

While your water is heating, place a Pyrex glass bowl on your magnetic stirrer. This is used for holding the hot water for the bath. If you dont have a Pyrex glass bowl, you can use a plastic bowl. A metal bowl will not work on the magnetic stirrer.

3. Measure and heat the propylene glycol

Using your glass syringe, suck up 1ml of propylene glycol. Using a glass beaker, squirt the glycol into a glass beaker and add a small magnetic stir bar. If you dont have a beaker you can use a shot glass however, beakers are a great investment because they make measuring easy and, can withstand hot and cold temperatures without breaking.

Place your beaker with the propylene glycol in your Pyrex bowl on the magnetic stirrer. By this time the water in your kettle should be boiling. Add the hot water to your Pyrex glass bowl being careful not to spill any in your beaker. Fill the bowl with hot water until the water level is above the glycol level in your beaker.

Turn the magnetic stirrer on a medium speed and allow the glycol to heat up for about 5 minutes while it’s mixing.

4. Measure out 1 gram of DMT

Using your scale, measure out 1 gram of DMT. Using 1 gram of DMT will make very potent vape juice. As mentioned above, feel free to experiment with the ratios. If you want a slightly weaker cart, use a half gram of DMT, if you want a stronger cart, use more. I’ve found that a 1 to 1 ratio of DMT to propylene glycol makes a strong cart with a good juice consistency.

Some people find propylene glycol to be harsh when smoked. If your lungs aren’t used to smoking, you should consider adding VG or vegetable glycerin. Most vape juices sold in stores are a mixture of PG and VG. Vegetable glycerine will help make the cart a bit more smooth.

However, VG is known for causing carts to recrystallize. I personally just use PG and dont find it to be harsh but if you are going to use VG in your mix to make it smoother, I would recommend using it in small quantities like a mix of 75ml PG and 25ml VG.

5. Dissolve the DMT in the propylene glycol

After 5 minutes have passed and you’ve weighed out your DMT, the PG in your beaker should be warm. Turn your magnetic stirrer off and add 1 gram of DMT to the warm PG. Check the temperature of the water in the bowl. If it has cooled off dump it out and add fresh hot water.

Turn your magnetic stirrer back on a medium speed and allow the DMT and PG to mix for another 5 minutes or until the DMT is fully dissolved. When the DMT is fully dissolved it will look like a clear golden liquid. Make sure the DMT is fully dissolved before moving to the next step.

6. Transfer the DMT vape juice to a cart or mod

Once your DMT is fully dissolved, the DMT vape juice is ready to be loaded into your cart or mod. Turn off the magnetic stirrer and using your glass syringe, suck up 1ml of juice to fill your cart.

If you used 1ml of PG and 1 gram of DMT, you will not be able to suck up all the juice because adding the DMT increased the volume of juice. With the juice you’re unable to suck up, place it back in your hot water bath while you fill your cart.

Slowly fill your cart using the needle tip that came with your syringe from the bottom of the tank. Add the juice slowly and if any air bubbles form while filling the cart, stop filling and allow the bubbles to disperse before continuing to fill. Make sure to leave a little space at the top of the cart for the mouthpiece to sit.

With the cart filled, secure your mouthpiece to the top of the cart. Now you want to let the cart rest for 24 hours before using it. This will ensure that the coil and wick are fully saturated with the juice so you dont burn out the coil trying to hit it dry.

7. Collect the remaining DMT vape juice

With your cart filled, you can now collect your remaining juice to store away for a refill later. I like to store my remaining juice in my glass syringe. If you bought the syringe I recommended, the tip of the syringe is a lure lock tip and comes with a very secure cap.

DMT vape juice stored in glass syringe.

Suck up the remaining juice, remove the needle tip, and place the lure lock cap on. These caps are very secure and will not leak.

Storing your DMT carts and mods

Now that you have fully functional and very powerful DMT carts you need to store them properly to avoid leaks and recrystallization. How you store your carts and mods can make a huge difference in avoiding these issues. Let’s go over some of the common issues and how you can avoid them with proper storage techniques.

Dmt vape juice recrystallized and leaking tanks

DMT recrystallizes in the cart

This is a common issue, especially with carts made with VG (vegetable glycerin). VG is a thicker liquid and DMT doesn’t dissolve in it very well. The thickness of VG also leads to airflow issues and inconsistent hits from the cart. This is due to the thickness of the VG not saturating the coil.

A good way to avoid recrystallization in your cart is to store the cart at room temperature around 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If a cart is stored in a cold climate then the cart will almost always recrystallize. Especially if VG was used in the juice. If your cart does recrystallize, however, dont throw it away because you can redissolve the DMT into the juice fairly easily.

 Place the cart in a ziplock bag and submerge it in hot water for 10 minutes. This will redissolve most of the DMT back into the juice. However, some of the DMT might not fully dissolve though and it will be potentially wasted DMT.

Cart or mod leaks juice

With low quality of the carts or mods, there is a potential for them to leak your juice. leaks happen when the cart or mod is stored in a hot environment like a car on a sunny day for an extended time. High heat causes the juice to expand and leak out of the coil and down to the battery post.

To avoid this, once again, store the cart at room temperature around 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Another thing to do to avoid leaks is to store the cart upside down with the battery post facing up. Doing this will remove juice from the coil and allow the juice to expand without forcing its way out of the coil.

Just remember that before you use your cart, allow it to rest in the upright position for an hour to saturate the coil with the juice to avoid burning the coil.


DMT vape juice in a cart

You now understand the pros and cons of DMT vape juice and how to get started crafting your carts. With a little bit of time and experimenting youll find a cart that fits your taste buds and give you powerful DMT experiences at the push of a button.

If you would like to see my step-by-step video guide on this Tek, consider joining my Patreon community at: The Patreon community is where we study psychedelic education, safe practices, and step-by-step video guides. These guides will lead you to success in your growing and extracting adventures.

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Best wishes and safe travels!

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  1. Thanks as always! I’d love to share some tips and I’ve tested around 10 different cartridge hardware. The CCELL carts haven’t been great in my experience, although many have had success. My favorite is the O2vape all glass variflow cartridges. They can also be refilled many times so better cost-wise and for sustainability.

    1. Thanks for this awesome information! I appreciate that I’ll have to look into them. I personally haven’t had any issues with this Hamilton ccell but in the world of DMT, we are always looking for the next best thing to make our experience that much easier. Appreciate the information my friend. feel free to shoot me an email and maybe we can get a colab going on to give the community some options. Appreciate you being here and thanks for the feedback!

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