how to check the purity of your solvent- failed evap test.

How to test your solvent for purity: Evap test

If you have been around the DMT community long enough, I’m sure you have heard the term “evap test”. The evap test or “evaporation test” is a simple step taken to ensure the quality and purity of solvents used to extract DMT. When extracting DMT it’s important to use high-quality chemicals to ensure your final product is high quality and safe to ingest.

An evaporation test or “evap test”, is a simple test you run on your solvent prior to using it to extract DMT. The point of an evap test is to check your solvent’s purity, ensuring that when it fully evaporates, it isn’t leaving behind any residues or films that will coat and dry to the DMT crystals you plan on ingesting.

No matter what type of solvent you use, you should always conduct an evap test on every new can of solvent. Even if you are consistently using the same brand of solvent, the contents of each can vary. Naphtha, in particular, is a distilled hydrocarbon meaning that no batch of solvent is exactly the same because of the distillation process. Before using your solvent always check the SDS sheet online to ensure there are no added chemicals in your solvent.

Tools and ingredients needed for evap test.

  1. Naphtha or solvent being used for extracting.
  2. A small beaker or shot glass.

How to perform an evap test

To perform an evap test, place a few drops of the solvent you plan to use for your extraction in a small beaker or shot glass. Then place the solvent outside or in a well-ventilated area to naturally evaporate in the beaker. Once the solvent is fully evaporated, you should see no goo, residue, or films at the bottom of the beaker.

Below is an example of a Failed evaporation test. You can clearly see the solvent tested left behind a multicolored film on the glass. This would be unsafe to use because the film would dry to your crystals. If your solvent leaves something like this behind after evaporating, don’t use it.

how to check the purity of your solvent- failed evap test.
This solvent left behind a multicolored film after evaporation making it unsafe to use.

Thankfully this person tested the solvent before they used it for extraction. All of those impurities could have ended up in their final product when they dried their crystals. Below is an example of a solvent that passed an evap test. The Solvent left nothing in the beaker once it fully evaporated.

how to test the purity of your solvent -solvent that has passed an evap test.
This solvent left behind no residue, goo’s or films making it safe to use for extracting.

Often times a slight watermark will remain where the Solvent dried. This is perfectly normal and isn’t a sign of a bad solvent. The difference between a slight liquid mark and a bad solvent is very easy to distinguish.


Conducting an evap test is the first step to ensuring you have a good quality solvent that will give your good quality DMT that is safe to use. Never sacrifice quality and always strive for the best possible end product. Taking the time to produce good, high-quality DMT will make your experience safer, Better, and ultimately is far more rewarding.

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